Twitch Hacked, Resulting Leaked Sensitive Information

On Tuesday night, twitch was hacked by anonymous hackers. These hackers have managed to deface Twitch for few hours by replacing numerous background game image with photo of former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It was reported that some of this games was GTA V, Dota 2, Minecraft, Apex Legends and many more.

Not only that, it was said that there has been an unprecedented leak that posted vast amounts of sensitive data online. These data appeared to be the source code of Twitch and payments of numerous top streamer. The datas were uploaded to an online forum with a 125GB torrent and file name of “entirety of Twitch.tv”.

Twitch also has confirmed that they have suffered a major data breach and that a hacker accessed the company’s servers that to a misconfiguration change. They admit that a hacker was able to access data that was mistakenly exposed to the internet due to an error in a Twitch server configuration. But they also added that there was no indication that login credentials have been exposed and full credit card numbers were also not exposed.

Steamers payouts also have drawn a lot of attention, Where a lot of big streamers payouts were leaked to the public. In total, 81 streamers have been leaked to have received over 1 million USD from twitch since 2019, where this money were the accumulation of money from ads, subscription, and some other features within twitch. This means that this still doesn’t account for donation money and merchandise.

Even with this fact, twitch highest paid individual streamer, xQc was reported to have made $8,454,427.17 since 2019.and other big streamer like Summit1g has made over $5 million since then. Other famous names like Ninja and Pokimane have made over $1 million since 2019.

While viewers are enjoying doting over streamers alleged finance, some streamers found this very infuriating.

Due to this breach, Twitch has reseted all stream keys and asked that users to change their password out of an abundance of caution. Twitch is still investigating the data breach and they are still not sure how much data has been accessed. They say that they are still working to understand this data breach.

The hacker that posted the leaked information said that this is to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space,” calling Twitch’s community “a disgusting toxic cesspool.” This is based on the recent hate raid where some users made a dummy account and bots to spam on streamers with hateful text.

This incident was said that this is as part one, indicating that there will be another incident like this.

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